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How Predictive Analytics helps get the ‘Bikini Body’

The science and psychology to get the 'Bikini Body' you have always wanted (with Predictive Analytics).

ISIS social media propaganda – could it be their Achilles heel?

Will the reign of terror ever end? Can we fight ISIS? Here are the tangible advanced analytics techniques, which our Presidion Consultant, Mitya Moitra, believes will knock ISIS down! Are the anti-terrorism strategists listening?!

Lost in Translation? 8 tips so Multi-Lingual Text Analytics isn’t too scary!

Were you ever faced with identifying insights from open ended text data? From call center notes, open ended questions on surveys, complaint letters, and/or online reviews? Have you tried this across multiple languages? Here are our 8 tips to help you get the most out of multi-lingual text analytics projects.

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