IBM SPSS Analytics Solutions

IBM SPSS Advanced Analytics solutions enable customers across industries to bring data to the heart of their decision making. Using the power of Advanced Analytics SPSS enables you to uncover hidden patterns in your data to drive a return on investment for your business.

IBM SPSS Software is focused on analysing data to predict what is going to happen next. SPSS Software enables you to take the actions that deliver the best outcome for your business.


Enterprise Ready

IBM SPSS Software is designed for the enterprise, meaning that you know the software that your team uses is tested, validated and compatible with the full stack of enterprise products and processes. Updates and upgrades are professional scheduled releases and bug fixes are addressed by IBM’s core developer team.


There’s No Need To Code

Intuitive, click and drag functionality means that SPSS Software is the easiest analytics software to use. Training analysts is as easy as giving them the data and letting them play.


Faster Time to Solution

Reducing the overhead in writing code allows your analysts to create models faster in a more transparent and streamlined fashion.


Advanced Analysis

IBM SPSS Software is continually developed by IBM to ensure that the latest cutting edge analytics are available to enterprise customers.


Multiple Sources

Today’s enterprise generates vast amounts of data. Diverse data sources such as call centre notes, social media, smart devices, as well as traditional transactional data, are being generated by business. The power of IBM SPSS solutions enables you to derive value from the analysis of all of these sources of data.


End to End

IBM SPSS have developed an end to end analytics solution. Successful analytics enterprises know that the best analysis in the world is useless unless you can deploy a solution to drive change in your business. SPSS Software is designed with this key truth in mind.

The Product Family

Whatever your maturity as an analytics organisation there is an IBM SPSS Product that suits your needs.




Reporting Automate repetitive reporting tasks using IBM SPSS Statistics
Analysis Predict what is going to happen next and why with IBM SPSS Modeler and IBM SPSS Statistics
Big Data Analyse big data through a graphical using SPSS Analytical Server
Text Analysis Open up the power of text data to understand what your customers are saying and how your organisation is really operating using IBM SPSS Modeler Text Analytics and Text Analytics for Surveys
Deployment Deploy your insights to the rest of the business with IBM SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services

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