Presidion Consultancy Team has operated in Dublin for over 17 years and have been the pioneers in implementing cutting edge predictive analytics solutions with top UK and Irish organisations. Our Consultancy Team specialise in helping analysts and managers increase their efficiency and save cost though best practice analytics. Presidion works with both government and commercial clients, currently partnering with hundreds of organisations enabling them to understand what has happened in the past, anticipate what may happen next to take appropriate and timely strategic decisions for their organisation. Common customer problems we solve though solutions, training and consultancy services:

Analytical & Survey Research
What is the Problem? What do we do? Your Result:
Not sure what questions to ask in my survey Professional questionnaire evaluation and design A streamlined survey methodology that gives answers your research hypotheses
Want to graph and analyse key concepts and sentiment in customer feedback and in qualitative or open-ended survey data Automatic extraction of key concepts in free text data from survey, call centre notes, website, e-mail Save time in manual coding. Build your reports and analysis quicker and give management a timely snapshot of customer satisfaction
Need to save time in building reports. Build your reports and analysis quicker and give management a timely snapshot of customer satisfaction Touch button report automation and deployment Save time and increase process efficiency
Want to integrate data contained in different databases Conduct a data audit/data review 360 clients view/ more insight critical business issues
Too much time spent in entering data from surveys or forms Implementation of scanning and online data collection solutions Increased process efficiency allowing you to focus your time to deploy and action results
Would like to improve statistical reporting and distribution of reports or survey results to colleagues, clients or stakeholders Presidion Services can evaluate and automate your reports , deploying them though the Web Quicker deployment of the right information to key decision makers in your organisation
Public Sector & Non-Profit
What is the Problem? What do we do? Your Result:
Member, customer, patient or student attrition Presidion SPSS consultancy build models for churn analysis and prevention Implement preventative programs and policy
High waiting times in Public Services Forecast waiting times and prioritize resources Improved resourcing and increased efficiency
Program Ineffectiveness Best practice advice on evaluation and survey methodology Ascertain the factors effecting program success Optimised budget and resource planning
High levels of crime Discover patterns in massive amounts of crime data including incident web & phone records Facilitate the deployment of police to where they are needed most. Accelerate the criminal investigation process.
Unable to identify fraud in social welfare, revenue and tax Identify patterns of fraudulent claims and suspicious cases Reduce number of payouts on fraudulent transactions and claims
Unable to anticipate or react quick enough to disease and infection outbreaks Presidion statistical services build models to predict outbreaks Proactive HSE/NHS responses to reduce mortality rates
What is the Problem? What do we do? Your Result:
Poor return on marketing campaigns and offers Understand which profiles of your clients are likely to response to different offers Increased Return on Investment in Marketing
High level of customers switching to your competitors Predict customer behaviors through statistical analysis that bring clients to leave and move a competitor Increased Customer Retention
Unable to build a 360 view of the customer Enable organisations to collect information at multiple touch points and respond in real-time to customer concerns and needs Increase Customer Satisfaction
Want to better identify fraud Identify patterns of fraudulent claims and isolate suspicious cases Reduce number of payouts on fraudulent transactions and claims
Low level of operational effectiveness Build predictive Key Performance Indicators to proactively understand if key operational metrics will be met Executives are empowered to understand if Organisational Key Performance Indicators will be met or not and what is driving the outcome

By utilising customer and citizen data in your organisation Presidion Consultancy can show you how to leverage all of your information assets to give you the power to make better decisions in your organisation:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of past and current events & decisions.
  • Anticipate future needs of the organisation deploy results to colleagues and key stakeholders.
  • Deploy results to colleagues and key stakeholders as a basis for co-ordinated action plans.

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