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Infographic: Advanced Analytics for Healthcare

March 22, 2019

Healthcare systems face multiple challenges, including ageing populations, evolving healthcare needs and rising costs. Tailored end-to-end analytics solutions allow healthcare providers to inject ongoing intelligence into key processes to improve patients’ access to high-quality care, supported by cost-effective operations.

Infographic: What is Forecasting?

March 11, 2019

Forecasting predicts future values of a particular quantity based on previously observed values of that quantity. Accurate demand forecasting helps decision making across all business areas, allowing you to better anticipate demand and allocate resources more effectively.

Smart Inventory Management Overview – 3. Reorder Points

February 28, 2019

Alan shows you how identify new, data driven, re-order points for your stock items that take into account historical usage, lead times and service levels. These new re-order points can help you to reduce the risk of stock-outs and ensure that you are not keeping excess inventory when it is unnecessary.

IBM SPSS Statistics Videos: Time Series & Forecasting

February 12, 2019

In this short video you will learn how to run a Time Series model within SPSS Statistics. Marian will show you how to predict future values of a particular quantity through the use case of a business that needs to plan staffing levels for the weeks ahead based on historic activity.

Smart Inventory Management Overview – 2. Data Quality

January 7, 2019

Alan now looks more closely at the quality of information you hold on your inventory. What data is missing? Which transactions were anomalous? And which stock items exhibit the most variability and seasonality?

Smart Inventory Management Overview – 1. Stock Overview

January 7, 2019

Alan takes you through the Smart Inventory Management interactive dashboard, showcasing an overview of your inventory and putting the spotlight on your potentially obsolete stock.

IBM SPSS Statistics Videos: Decision Trees 3 – Top Rules

January 3, 2019

In this third video, Alan shows you how to extract the key findings from a Decision Tree so that they can be used to enhance your understanding and develop scoring processes in operational systems.

Presidion presenting “Smart Inventory Management” at IBM Think 2019 in San Francisco

January 2, 2019

Join us at the Technology Event of the Year! Watch Rob McCullagh present Presidion’s innovative solution to optimise MRO stock levels & reorder points.

IBM SPSS Statistics Videos: Decision Trees 2 – Holdout Samples

December 3, 2018

This second video concentrates on using Hold-out samples to create more robust predictive models. In essence, using ‘new’ data to test a model’s performance before using in production.

How to Choose the Right SPSS License for You

November 1, 2018

Team Analyst - Dabbling Member

SPSS is a fully customisable analytical software. Due to the highly flexible nature of SPSS there are many different styles, types and terms of SPSS licences catering directly to your analytical requirements, installation environment and usage frequency.

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