About Us

Presidion, formerly SPSS Ireland, was set up in Dublin as a regional office of SPSS UK in 1994 to be the main partner office in Ireland. 21 years later we have evolved to become a leading advanced analytics solutions and services in the UK and Ireland. Servicing over 500 accounts and thousands of customers, our client base spans across public and commercial organisations. Whereas business problems differ across industry our clients share the vision of using their customer or citizen data to make more accurate evidence based decisions in their respective organisations.


Who we are

We are a team of highly skilled business professionals including experienced data analysts, business strategists and change managers that are passionate about helping our customers innovate and grow through data.

We live our values and work with our customers to achieve them: growth, ROI, innovation, and excellence in everything we do.


What we do

Analytics is a business capability that has its place in Boardrooms.

We cross the divide between Boardroom issues and practical delivery of actionable insights that drive business performance.

  • Building innovative outcome focused Analytics Strategies.
  • Implementing Advanced Analytics Projects.
  • Sustaining improved business performance by building high performing analytics teams.


Why we do it

Analytics delivers positive impact to top and bottom lines of the organisation. For the past 20 years, we have been designing and implementing innovative anaytics solutions that deliver concrete results.

We are passionate about building with our customers the right vision, team and concrete projects to grow using data and analytics for business innovation.


Centred on analysing data about people, their opinions, attitudes and behaviour our mission to “drive the widespread use of data in decision-making” derives directly from two themes: World class technology has made difficult analytical tasks easier through advances in usability; and Data Access, enabling more people to benefit from the use of quantitative techniques in making decisions.


At Presidion, when we address the Technology component of Advanced Analytics we know that there is no one size fits all solution: it is all about selecting the best solution that will enable your vision for Analytics – your practical business needs.


We have the expertise to work across multiple technologies to best suit our customer’s needs: we advise our customers on how to best select the technology platform and we deliver the analytics insights and business outcomes. Presidion have developed in depth capability in both open source solutions and IBM Advanced Analytics suite of software.


Our success has been based upon our ability to demonstrate the very real benefits that the use of analytical technology provides. Underlying this ability is our collective passion and conviction as a company that analysing data, and incorporating the results into the decision-making process, leads to better decisions.


Our in-house domain expertise has also been a driving point that has elevated us to become Ireland’s leading solutions provider in Predictive Analytics.

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