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- Location: Presidion Office.
- Time: 9:30am - 5pm



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Overview of Statistical Techniques with SPSS

Course Goals

The goal of this course is to prepare you to effectively apply the best statistical method though SPSS. First we aim to provide a framework for advanced statistical procedures so you can choose, or advise others to choose, the most appropriate statistical method to address a research question. Second, for each statistical method we will enable you to understand the assumptions underlying the analysis and to appreciate the importance of these when drawing conclusions and interpreting output.

We will take a practical and pragmatic approach to the statistical methods outlined below and rather than focus on the key mathematical equations we focus on knowing which portions of the output deserve the most attention and how to interpret these.

Course Topics in Detail:

Please note: This boot camp is not a substitute for a course in statistics. It presupposes you have had such a course in the past and wish to apply statistical methods to data using SPSS. No computer will be used by attendees and The operation of SPSS is not taught although processes will be demonstrated by the trainer on a computer using SPSS. All SPSS public courses are delivered by a professional SPSS Consultant with a minimum of a Masters in Statistics/Maths.

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