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SPSS Ireland becomes Presidion

Following IBM acquisition of SPSS Inc, wholly owned Irish subsidiary re-brands to Presidion

SPSS Ireland becomes Presidion

The team in SPSS Ireland are excited to announce that from November 2011 we are re-branded fully to “Presidion”, leading the IBM strategy in predictive analytics and survey research.

Presidion , which specialises in predictive analytics, statistics & survey research, announced the beginning of its operations in Ireland and UK as a key partner of IBM UK & Ireland in the field of Predictive Analytics. Presidion has emerged from the wholly owned Irish partner of SPSS in Ireland. Under this new name they are the same executive management and team of consultants as previous.

Former SPSS Country Manager for Ireland and current M.D of Presidion, Cathy McGennis states that the transition of the company after the acquisition has marked a new and exciting era for the team. "SPSS has operated under a franchise agreement and, following the acquisition, IBM had negotiated terms directly with each country. This gave us a strong position to continue to operate normally and support our customer base within Ireland but also to expand our services and statistical training services to the UK and North of Ireland."

Cathy McGennis was central in the set-up a dedicated centre for SPSS technology in Ireland over 17 years ago, at a time when companies didn’t even speak Business Analytics "With predictive analytics, organisations are able to predict future scenarios based on historical information to support evidence based decision making and accountability at executive level. The application of analytics is very wide and over the years, we had helped organisation from many different lines of work to reduce cost and increase efficiency through better decision making".

Among Presidion’s clients are O2, Vodafone, VHI, HSE, Central Government and over 400 organisations with a variety of vertical markets such as telecommunications, finance, education, government, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, utilities, services and communication.

The Presidion offering is unchanged and still includes SPSS-IBM software solutions, analytical consultancy services and training. In this transition, everything will remain the same for our clients of SPSS Statistics and Enterprise Solutions in Ireland. "We remain working full steam ahead and are excited with the possibilities coming down the track for the company and, more importantly, for our clients” says McGennis.


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