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Text Analysis for Surveys

IBM® SPSS® Text Analytics for Surveys uses powerful natural language processing (NLP) technologies specifically designed for survey text. It leads the way in unlocking open-ended responses for better insight and statistical analysis.

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Learn how you can effectively transform unstructured survey data into
quantitative data and discover insights using sentiment analysis.
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Survey analysts can automate the categorisation process, providing greater value to business users and survey research clients without the drudgery, time and expense associated with manual coding.

IDS-TILDA gains new insights with computer-aided interviewing
IDS-TILDA (The Intellectual Disability Supplement to The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing) develops accessible interactive surveys to understand the needs of older people with intellectual disabilities. Read more

IBM SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys uses proven linguistics-based technologies that cut through the ambiguities of human language - helping you uncover patterns in the attitudes, beliefs and opinions of others. The software is available to analyse text in English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish and Japanese.

The English-language version also includes an interface that supports third party translation options purchased separately.

Using Customer Feedback to Drive Profitability
Bank of Ireland: Addressing Customer Satisfaction Issues in Real Time with SPSS. Read more


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