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2 min Analytics interview with Anthony O’Neill (eir)

June 2017

After our last A4B we asked the keynote speaker, Anthony O’Neill (Director, Analytics Centre of Excellence at eir) two questions about his Analytics journey.

How Predictive Analytics helps get the ‘Bikini Body’

May 2017

The science and psychology to get the 'Bikini Body' you have always wanted (with Predictive Analytics).

Why Analytics makes people nervous?

May 2017

The reasons behind, and some hints to help you during difficult conversations and challenging situations!

Analytics is a Waste of Time

January 2017

When you start with Analytics you might feel overwhelmed, you have all that incredible power in your hands but don’t know how to wield it most effectively. From my own experience I can tell you that starting with Analytics is not different from learning a new language or how to play a musical instrument, the more you practice, the better you get. So just how do you go about getting the most from this valuable asset? You can start by not making any of these five common mistakes.

Video: Predictive Maintenance – What it is and what it is not

November 2016

Preventative and Conditional Maintenance are often mistaken with Predictive Maintenance. This animation gives you an overview of the different types of maintenance, the differences between them and what Predictive Maintenance is really about.

Enhance Customer Experience in Insurance with Analytics

November 2016

Reports from the insurance industry consistently highlight that the quality of customer experience remains the biggest factor driving customers to remain loyal or switch to another insurance provider. Hence, the focus should be on how to improve the quality of the customer experience rather than reducing fraud.

Driving your Company’s IoT ROI by linking it with Predictive Maintenance

November 2016

Unlike the consumer sector, manufacturers have been using IoT for years. Properly focused IoT capabilities have driven huge change and ROI in manufacturing across a range of operational applications. However, in many instances, it has become a self-perpetuating data gathering exercise with no real focus. IoT is not an end in itself and needs to have clear business goal and ROI.

Digital Revolution, then what? It is Data Analytics Insights that will make you grow and survive

November 2016

The World is going through the Digital Revolution. What does it practically mean? Well, it basically means that there is a race towards delivering a new digitally driven customer experience (Online, Mobile, Omni channels) and delivering efficiencies in digitally driven processes (3D Printing alone is a significant disruptor to the way hardware products are designed and distributed).

Infographic: A Pentagon of Principles for Analytics

September 2016

Does your organisation struggle with understanding how to use analytics? These days it is not uncommon that doing ‘Analytics’ means different things to different people. The ‘Pentagon of Principles’ clarifies the potential and best practice uses of analytics across an organisation.

What a CEO Needs to Know About Predictive Analytics

September 2016


As a CEO, it’s important that you not just have some good one liners to toss out when people mention Big Data or IoT. This white paper goes a little further and gives you some concrete understanding behind the myths of Advanced Analytics and how you can truly take ownership of this incredible powerful business capability.

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