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IBM SPSS Statistics Videos: Custom Tables 2 – Running Chi-square tests

July 2018

In this video you will learn how to protect respondent's identity and boost the statistical power of your chi-square test with just a few clicks!

E2E Sustain: Deployment in Advanced Analytics Projects

Best practices and key considerations before, during and after deploying an analytical initiative.

IBM SPSS Statistics Videos: Custom Tables 1 – Creating, Styling and Editing Custom Tables

June 2018

In the first video of the IBM SPSS Custom Tables series you will learn: How to build custom tables, editing and formatting your tables, and how to collapse categories. These features will help you build cleaner and more customised tables, faster!

E2E Discover: Analytics, Simplicity and Value – A complicated relationship?

June 2018

I’ve often seen analytics described primarily by way of the technical complexity of the techniques. In this article, I present a better approach than trying to do something technically complicated just because it may (or may not) yield more business value.

E2E Sustain: Advanced Analytics and the quest for Return on Investment in 5 Key Points

May 2018

Being able to effectively measure a RoI on the back of an Advanced Analytics project is paramount. In other words, any Advanced Analytics project that is not business outcome driven is worthless.

E2E Prepare: Creating an Analytics Function: 4 Essential Functions to Provide

April 2018

Throughout industries analytics has taken on an almost ubiquitous nature of late. There are increasing demands for data scientists, open source developers and an in-house capability for providing actionable insights through data. But, can an analytics capability be provided by a data scientist or developers alone?

E2E Discover: What is Analytics?

March 2018

Analytics is being discussed more and more often in top table conversations, but why do so many organisations still struggle to get to grips with it?

Pierre Baviera speaking at “Demystifying Data” Business Breakfast in Cork

February 2018

Watch Pierre Baviera speaking at “Demystifying Data” Business Breakfast at the Imperial Hotel (Cork), in association with Cork Chamber.

Infographic: Data Audit – Advanced Analytics

February 2018

A 3 step process to Understand, Assess and Audit your Data for Advanced Analytics.

Infographic: Technology Review – Advanced Analytics

January 2018

Presidion’s Framework Approach for a Technology Review involves a 3 step process, leading to the recommendation of the right mix of Technologies, SW and Tools for Data Science and Advanced Analytics implementations.

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