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``Seeing the world through the customer's eyes is the heart of our business. Customer information and feedback is key to this process and is enabling us to take a proactive approach to one of our industry's most pressing problems.``
Frederico Cesconi, Head of Customer Insight and Retention, Cablecom


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Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics helps you draw reliable conclusions about current conditions and future events from your data.
Predictive analytics is both a business process and a set of related technologies. Predictive analytics leverages an organisation’s business knowledge by applying sophisticated analysis techniques to enterprise data. The resulting insights can lead to actions that improve your relationships with customers, employees, patients, students and citizens.

Combining predictive analytics models with organisational business knowledge provides insight into such critical issues as customer acquisition and retention, up-selling and cross-selling, fraud detection and outcome improvement. Through measuring uncertainty surrounding these issues, predictive analytics enables proactive risk management, refining key decision making processes through controlled, iterative testing of potential actions and their likely intended-and unintended-consequences. 

What is Predictive Analytics?

  • An unparalleled combination of business knowledge and technical skillset
  • World class technology
  • 20 years of expertise in delivering Predictive Analytics solutions
  • High quality and high-speed support
  • On-site tailored training
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Presidion Win IBM Predictive Analytics Award
  • With SPSS-IBM Statistics, students can tackle important real-life problems, applying a range of analyses to achieve a solution in a short period of time.

    Sharon L. Weinberg
    Professor of Applied Statistics and Psychology at New York University
  • Now, by using Presidion (formerly SPSS Ireland) expertise and their online survey capabilities, it was easier and faster to measure opinions. Dimensions is an excellent tool that enables us to collect feedback in a timely manner and also deliver huge cost savings to the organisation.

    Ian McKenna
    Head of Framework Awards at HETAC
  • The key is that IBM SPSS Statistics can perform data management, data analysis, data extraction, database construction, reporting and forecasting ... all in a single product.

    Dr. David Wright
    WSU sociology professor, WSU’s Statistical Project Analyst
  • Thanks to SPSS-IBM, we are able to complete significantly faster analysis of our academic programs. Prior to SPSS-IBM, we would have spent most of one term—that’s several months—analyzing one program. Now we can do it in a week or less.

    Dr. Ronald Gordon
    Director of Research at Yuba Community College District
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The Hurwitz Victory Index scores vendor performance across four dimensions – Vision, Viability, Validity, and Value.

Each dimension measures important components of a vendor’s overall ability to deliver innovative solutions, outstanding customer service, and the business and technical value customers demand.

IBM achieved achieved Double Victor status receiving a Victor rating in both Go to Market Strength and Customer Experience Strength.

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